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Our facilities

The Senses Centre is considered the first centre which has acquired specialist equipment for developing cognitive and sensory skills. Educational blocks and Smart Boards are used to develop attention, memory, skills of reading, math and expression and proper pronunciation.

The Senses Centre is considered the first centre which has acquired this type of advanced equipment, specifically developed for these groups.

Senses Centre have seven classes, which now offer educational academic programmes, in which individual educational plans are applied. These include all development areas such as large and fine motor, cognitive/perception, receptive and expressive language, social, emotional, behavioural, independent skills and self reliance, the skills of reading and writing.

Music and Rhythm

The music and rhythm unit offers autistic children the opportunity to be trained in the use of musical instruments such as keyboards, drums, flutes, etc, under the supervision of a specialist trainer working as a volunteer.

Puppet shows

Puppet shows are performed to ages 3 to 12 and by using a variety of dolls and puppets, we are able to create a living environment. Puppet shoes help to develop the children's cognitive abilities and enable them to mimic movements, voice and master expression and respective language.

Therapeutic and Educational Services

An early years intervention section has recently been established to cater for the age 3 to 5 years and commissioned to design a programme and a work plan for a specialist team which includes occupational and sensory treatment, physiotherapy, pronunciation treatment, motor training and rehabilitation. The families of children enrolled in this section have been given a unique opportunity in integration and training to link the individual educational training plan with individual treatment plans, which provides them with a unique rehabilitative home plan.

A vocational training section has been developed which focuses on training both male and female students of 14 years and above. Here they learn a large range of handicrafts, trades and artefacts. They enjoy printing on cloth, binding, painting on pottery and cups, engraving and decorating on glass and wood, simple jewellery making and photography. The product are exhibited or sold and the proceeds go toward funding continual development of the unit.

The assessment procedures program enables Senses Centre to give results on medical, educational, developmental, visual, oral and psychological and follow up diagnosis.

The occupational and sensory therapy section focuses on the development of fine motor and sensory skills. This section is equipped with modern and advanced devices such as the multi purpose body balance devise, which is now benefiting children who suffer from sensory collaboration problems.

The physiotherapy department has been developed and with specialist equipment, focuses on children with physical disability such as cerebral palsy, scoliosis, cerebral oedema, cord muscle and muscle weakness.